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“I came to the Orchard Chiropractic Centre because I was suffering from what my G.P described as mechanical back pain.  All I knew was that my lower back felt as if it was compressed into a tightly packed crunch that was causing me pain when I turned sidewards, stood up, sat down, leaned forwards, almost any simple movement.

I received what I would call 'combination treatment.' from Charles Robottom at the Orchard Chiropractic Centre. Hands on chiropractic treatment and, equally as important, advice and support about simple exercises to strengthen what I now know is the lumbar area. The Centre's philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach to treatment and I have been helped with nutritional advice and general exercising ideas to ensure fully optimised physical functioning. 

Now with occasional 'maintenance treatments' the back pain that I had suffered from for a long time is successfully managed and no longer stops me from living a full, active and pain free life.”

Martyn T

“ Thanks to the treatment I received from Charles Robottom at Orchard Chiropractic Centre I have had a huge improvement in a very sore hip.  I have been to the General Hospital many times to have Facet joint injections but just got a few weeks respite.  My daughter Sam told me about Charles Robottom - his knowledge and expertise was invaluable I am now walking without a limp that I have had for more than a year.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Charles Robottom to anybody.

Breeda Wright ( Mrs) 

During training for my 2 way Channel swim I used to see Sarah Corcoran for a sports massage at least one a month sometimes twice dependant on the amount of pool training I was doing during the winter months. Once I was swimming more frequently and for longer periods in the sea I started to see Sarah on a 2 weekly basis and in the last 6 weeks I saw her once a week.
Several years ago I was unsure of the benefits of massage but now I have no doubts and would recommend them on a frequent basis to anybody that is embarking on an intense training plan. Every time I got back in the pool or sea after visiting Sarah Corcoran my shoulders felt so much looser and I swum a lot faster.
Its easy to think you are fine and just carry on, its only after having a massage you can appreciate how much you needed it and how tight some of your muscles were.
Sarah was an integral part to my success and everybody wanting to be successful in their sport should include massage as part of their training plan.

Wendy Trehiou

“In the last ten years I have had numerous hip/leg episodes that Sarah Corcoran has helped me through.  Each time I have been to her I left with the feeling that "she touched the spot" with her sports massage and I always felt so much better.  

My recent episode has been pretty severe resulting shortly in surgery.  I called Sarah Corcoran - she fitted me in that same day - I limped in and walked out!.  What a relief to walk normally!  Sarah will be part of my recovery process and I have every confidence in her.

Sarah Corcoran has a tremendous touch/pressure and has serious insight.  Very easy to talk to and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for she "turned my life around".



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