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Chiropractic - what to expect

When you first come to see us the initial consultation will take up to an hour. We will carry out a postural, neurological, orthopaedic and physical examination. There are also specialised Chiropractic tests all of which will assess the biomechanics of the body.

We may require Xrays, MRI or even blood tests but any decision for referral will be made after the initial full examination. The examination will naturally include a case history and this will give us information on past injuries, illness, surgery, your current lifestyle all of which will give us a more complete view of your general health. Your mind has so much overriding influence on your health that it is vital to understand the things that concern you and the stresses that you are under. Of course, everything that is said or recorded is completely confidential- it will be covered under the data protection act.

Diagnosis & Report of Findings

Once the cause or causes of your complaint have been found (these may not always be localised to the site of pain) a diagnosis is made and this will be fully explained to you. If we can help a treatment programme will be drawn up and you will be advised on how we plan to get you back to good health and what you can do too!


Gentle chiropractic adjustments are controlled and specific, and may range from spinal manipulation to very gentle cranial work and other release techniques depending on your complaint. Our techniques will free up the interference on your spine, joints, nerves and muscles to get them working again. Most complaints are usually a result of a series of compensations that have often built up over years, therefore treatment is directed at the whole person and the chain reaction of problems. It may take some weeks to back track through these compensations, releasing and rebalancing the body, but it may be quicker, and depends on what you do between treatments!

As your complaint may have a lot to do with learned habits (e.g. your posture), lifestyle pressures (physical or emotional) or damage it is vital for us to give you advice on what you can do to help yourself – these may include stretching exercises, core postural muscle rehabilitation exercises, ergonomic and general postural changes, nutritional changes, or lifestyle coaching.

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