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Concerns about coming in for treatment

We understand that you may have some concerns about coming in for treatment.  Please just call if you have any specific queries and we will happily advise you on the best course of action.  

I am worried about coming in, how can you reassure me?

We have adopted a number of new procedures – these include:

  • All our Practitioners will now wear full PPE and masks throughout the appointment and have been trained on the safe putting on and removal of PPE
  • All the benches will be covered for you with paper towels and head roll.
  • All the benches will be deep cleaned between patients and in fact we will be moving between rooms or spacing out our appointment times to ensure we have ample time to deep clean. 
  • Our deep cleaning will start when you are still in the room and the benches left to soak until being rubbed down later. 
  • We are asking all our Patients to wear a mask and hand sanitise on arrival 
  • We can provide you with a pair of disposable gloves
  • We can also provide you with eyewear on request.

I consider myself to be at moderate or high risk and don’t want to come in when other people are there, can I still be treated?

Yes of course.  Please just identify your wishes to the Receptionist and we will be pleased to accommodate you with ‘first’ appointments – in the morning or after lunch.  

When we call to do our pre-appointment health check please make it clear that you consider yourself to be at moderate or high risk - one of our Practitioners will then call you before you come in to discuss your appointment. 

When you arrive the Practitioner will collect you from the car park and escort you into the building.

We will also happily supply you with a PPE mask and a pair of disposable gloves. 



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