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During your treatment - new procedures 

States of Jersey level 2 safe exit guidelines require us to adopt new procedures before and during your treatment. Our receptionists would be delighted to answer any questions you may have on 01534 876510.  In the meantime below are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. 

What happens when I arrive?

  1. Please wait in your car until a minute or two before your appointment time.
  2. When you enter the building please hand sanitise immediately.
  3. Please put your mask on or we can provide you with one if you don't have your own

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?

We find that most people are more than happy to wear a mask to protect themselves and us. We will wear a mask to protect you.

Clearly, we can’t force you to wear one, but we would appreciate it if you would consider it as the nature of our treatments means it is hard to maintain the required physical distance.   The States of Jersey recommends that patients bring a mask or use one of ours.

Can I bring my children with me like I used to?

We are sorry, but the States of Jersey have advised that family or friends who are not guardians or carers should not attend appointments unless this is deemed essential. 

Will my child be required wear a mask for a treatment or if they accompany me?

No child under the age of 2 years or any child unable to remove the mask or with breathing difficulties should wear a face mask. The wearing of cloth face masks for all other young children under the age of 16 is the decision of their parent or guardian. 

We would though appreciate children who are back at school or age 10 and above wearing a mask, but we will leave it to your discretion as we don’t want a treatment to be a negative experience.

Can I wear gloves?

Yes of course and we will happily provide you with a pair of disposable gloves.

Can I bring my spouse, partner or friend into the appointment like I used to?

We are sorry, but States of Jersey have advised that family or friends who are not guardians or carers should not attend appointments unless this is deemed essential. 

Carers (including translators) and guardians will need to follow the same procedure as you do on arrival including hand sanitise and temperature check.

May I still use the toilet?

Yes of course.  Patients may use the toilet facilities, but we will ask you to wipe down the flush and handles after use and put your gloves back on as soon as you have washed your hands.

Our Receptionists will also regularly wipe down handles, locks, taps, light switch, soap dispenser etc.

May I still use the waiting room?

Sadly, we have had to remove all the fabulous magazines and the chairs are now spaced 2 meters apart, so it’s not quite as relaxing as it used to be. 

We would appreciate it if you could wait in your car until just before your appointment and avoid using the waiting room.  However, if that’s not possible or you arrive on foot then please feel free to use it provided it is not full and you can maintain a social distance.

How do I book my next appointment?

You can book at reception in the usual way.  Unfortunately, we can’t write the appointment time down for you anymore, but you can help yourself to an appointment card from the front of the reception screen.

Alternatively, we can send you a text message confirming your appointment time.

If the reception area is congested and we can’t manage social distancing, we will call you to arrange your next appointment.

 Where do I put my mask and/or gloves when I leave?

There is a dedicated bin by the front door for the safe disposal of your gloves and mask as applicable.

 Do all Orchard’s Practitioners follow the same procedures?

Yes they do.

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