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Before your appointment - new procedures

States of Jersey level 2 safe exit guidelines require us to change our procedures. Our receptionists are pleased to help with any queries you may have.  In the meantime below are some frequently asked questions that we hope you will find helpful.

What will happen before my appointment?

  • You will now get a call the day before every appointment to verify your health and that of your household (more details below).
  • During this call we would be very grateful if you would pre-pay for your appointment so as to minimise congestion in the reception area.

 What will happen when I arrive for my appointment?

  • We respectfully request that you wait in your car in our onsite car park or arrive just in time on foot and only come in a minute or two before your appointment – this is to enable social distancing in the waiting room.
  • We respectfully request that you wear a clean mask throughout your appointment – ideally please bring your own or we can supply a clean cloth or PPE mask.
  • Please hand sanitise on arrival.  
  • We can also provide disposable gloves if you would like some
  • The Practitioner will take your temperature before the treatment starts

What is the Pre- Appointment Health Check call?

  • This will be a short call from a member of Orchard staff the day before your appointment.
  • They will ask you questions about COVID-19 symptoms in yourself and any member of your household.  The call will take no longer than 3-5 mins.
  • Your answers will be completely confidential and we will treat your information in the same way as we treat all patient information – with the utmost care and in compliance with all GDPR legislation.
  • During the call they will also be very happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • We would appreciate pre-payment during the call for your appointment, if at all possible.

 What happens if I answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions in the pre appointment health check?

It really depends on which questions they are.  We may ask you to move your appointment or a Practitioner will call you to discuss, if you believe the symptoms are related to another medical condition. 

We will NOT treat anyone we suspect of having COVID-19 and respectfully request you don’t risk us or our other Patients by attending an appointment if you think you may have been exposed to it.  We are formally required to notify the Medical Officer of Health if we suspect a Patient has Coronavirus symptoms. 

We are of course happy to provide virtual treatment advice to those patients who are isolating with COVID-19 symptoms.

 What happens if my appointment is on a Monday, when will I get called?

You will be called by the Practitioner on Sunday.  We are sorry to disturb your weekend, but it is vital we check for COVID-19 symptoms no earlier than the day before your appointment.

 Why do I have to pay for my appointment before I come in?

You don’t have to.  We are just trying to minimise the time spent at reception to enable social distancing and also to give our reception staff time to deep clean the rooms between patients.

What happens if I don’t want to do a Pre-Appointment Health Check?

We are just checking for COVID-19 symptoms and all the information you provide to use is completely confidential.  Unfortunately, if we can’t do this pre-appointment health check call then we will need to delay your appointment until it is convenient.

What happens to the information I give you during the Pre-Appointment Health Check?

It is placed on your patient file, which is locked away in accordance with stringent GDPR protocols.

I am a new patient how do I provide my medical history?

  • Please print the form (see tab) and complete before you arrive. 
  • If that’s not possible, please don’t worry just let us know and we will make sure a sanitised pen and clipboard are ready for you on arrival.
  • If the waiting room is congested we may have to ask you to complete the form in your car, we hope you don’t mind – it isn’t our usual welcome!

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