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Exercises to do at home

Stretching Exercises

24 April 20

Sarah Corcoran, Orchard’s Remedial Sports Massage Therapist, has made two short films to demonstrate how to release tension between your shoulders and lower back and how to release hip and lower back tightness

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Warm-up exercises that will help avoid exercise related injury

06 January 20

Having spent all day in the office there's nothing better than having a blast at the gym. However, jumping straight in with heavy weights or explosive exercises is likely to result in injury. Prevention is always better than cure so we have found this very informative Athlean X vlog with 10 warm up exercises to perform before each gym session. https://youtu.be/7dT4KHtMM-A

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A preferable alternative to bending and touching your toes

02 January 20

In his video, Jeff Cavaliere explains why most people should not use touching toes with straight legs in order to increase hamstring and spinal flexibility or as a measure of flexibility. Done incorrectly, forward bending to touch your toes encourages undesirable motor patterns through the spine and shoulder girdle. Furthermore, hypertonic hamstrings can be masked by an anterior pelvic tilt. Jeff also provides and excellent alternative exercise that I would encourage everyone to practice throughout the day. Hypertonic hamstrings are often related to lower back pain, so give this exercise a go!

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