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Alternatives to Salt: healthy and not so healthy

01 November 20

As the reliance on pre packaged food in industrialised nations has grown, so has the consumption of Sodium Chloride (table salt). Used in foods to preserve, balance sweetness of added sugar, and to satisfy peoples taste for salt, it is pervasive in almost all prepackaged food and as a result the average person in the UK consumes 8.1g per day. A significant consequence of a high salt diet is hypertension and associated morbidities.

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You Need to Read This - Support Your Immune System This Winter

30 September 20

Your immune system has developed over millennia to protect you from all manner of pathogens. Here we suggest ways for you to be proactive and support your immune system to keep you healthy.

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Shellfish and Fish Allergies

27 September 20

Living on an island we are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of seafood. However, allergies to seafood are relatively common, unpredictable, often present in adulthood and can be life threatening. Here we will briefly discuss the difference between an allergic reaction and an intolerance; and allergy to shellfish and fish.

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