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Warm-up exercises that will help avoid exercise related injury

06 January 20

Having spent all day in the office there's nothing better than having a blast at the gym. However, jumping straight in with heavy weights or explosive exercises is likely to result in injury. Prevention is always better than cure so we have found this very informative Athlean X vlog with 10 warm up exercises to perform before each gym session. https://youtu.be/7dT4KHtMM-A

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Pull-ups for health, physical function and survival

28 April 18

As a chiropractor in Jersey I receive health and fitness articles from many sources. This month the article that particularly caught my attention was sent by a highly skilled Aikido and System instructor, Matt Hill. Matt Hill uses principles from martial arts to promote health and wellbeing; physical and mental. In his article and YouTube video, Matt explains the importance for health, physical function and survival skills of being able to hang and pull your body weight up by the arms in a vertical pull. In other words, a pull-up.

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Exercise routines

01 February 18

As chiropractors, we at the Orchard Chiropractic Centre are frequently asked by our patients for exercises that can help to strengthen injured joints in order to prevent injuries recurring. In the acute phase, we generally do not recommend exercises apart from gentle walking and maybe swimming or cycling depending on the injury. However, once the injury has healed and the body is aligned, we do recommend strengthening the body as a whole, with particular focus on the abdominal and gluteal musculature. YouTube has thousands of fitness videos offering exercise tutorials, but choosing the best one for you can be challenging, especially when contradictory advice is given. So we've listed links to tutorials that make sense to us.

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