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Are Calcium Supplements Required?

04 October 18

In spite of enjoying a diet rich in calcium, the West still has the highest levels of osteoporosis in the World. In stark contrast, Japan and Peru have very low incidence of osteoporosis despite a diet that is comparatively low in calcium. Do we really need more calcium?

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02 October 18

This guide shows the benefits of our prime Healer - all we need to do is to feed it correctly and look after it. A mainstay of advice here at Orchard Chiropractic Centre.

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Sarcopaenia: age related muscle wasting

04 April 18

Sacropaenia is age related muscle loss. It can lead to functional impairment, physical disability and death. In our youth we only require about 30% of our muscle mass to perform activities of daily living. From the third decade of life a loss of 3kg of muscle mass per decade is normal. Once muscle mass is reduced to about 50% activities of daily living become noticeably more difficult. New research on 168 men suggests that the muscle atrophy is due to a 30-60% decrease in the number of nerves controlling the legs by the age 75. Muscle loss is slowed by: insulin sensitivity, resistance training and activation of the mTor pathway.

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