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Avoiding Heart Failure: How much exercise is needed

31 March 17

In a new study reported in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Heart Failure, researchers say more than an hour of moderate or half an hour of vigorous exercise per day may lower your risk of heart failure by 46 percent.

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Added sugar intake and cardiovascular diseases mortality among US adults

16 February 17

In 2014, researchers were able to scientifically show that ingesting too much added sugar could significantly increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. In fact, people getting 17 to 21 percent of calories from added sugar face a 38 percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those who got just 8 percent of their calories from sugar. The relative risk was more than double for those who consumed 21 percent or more of their calories from added sugar.

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How To Reverse Heart Disease with the Coronary Calcium Score

31 October 16

According to Dr Jeffrey Dach. M.D. the American Heart Association has recanted its opposition to the validity of the coronary calcium scoring as a valid marker for heart disease. The test is predictive of the likelihood of coronary disease events beyond standard risk factors, by measuring the total amount of coronary calcium. Calcification in the soft tissues (connective tissue, ligaments, muscles, arteries) is found in many disease states, and commonly identified on pathology slides of tissues. Whenever there is cell death or tissue necrosis (death of cells), the body invokes a process of calcification which can be regarded as part of the healing process. Arterial calcification is actually a form of bone formation in the wall of the artery triggered by an inflammatory process. Pathology studies have shown that coronary artery calcium forms in areas of healed plaque ruptures. Calcification and plaque formation increases with age, with calcium score typically increasing 30-35% per year in untreated patients (William Davis MD). A suggested protocol for reducing the rate of formation of coronary calcium includes exercise and dietary changes.

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