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“Healthy Bacteria?”

Thursday 08 May 2014

“Healthy Bacteria?”

As a Chiropractor I regularly suggest people here in Jersey look after their Intestinal Health. Probiotics are an obvious and natural way of re-colonising the Gut with the far reaching Health Benefits of this.


PROBIOTICS  - these are a collection of bacteria that live in harmony with us on a day to day basis, protecting us.

They live primarily on our skin and in our Intestines and prevent more harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds from growing on us.

These friendly bacteria produce an environment that is alien to the other infectors, they break down our food to make it easier to digest, they produce Vitamin K (used in us for ligament production), Vitamin B12 and also it is reported that they produce Serotonin in large quantities (the main Brain “Happy” Chemical).

There are about 14 different Bacteria that inhabit various parts of our Intestinal tract and they need to be maintained in good quantity.


What Destroys Them?

  • Illness
  • Antibiotics- particularly repeated doses
  • Appendectomy- studies are showing that the Appendix is actually a reservoir for the friendly bacteria. Removing it will mean that if the lower intestine is cleared out (diarrhoea) the bacteria are lost and not replaced quickly.
  • Poor diet, rich in refined carbohydrates such as sweets, biscuits and bread
  • A large intake of yeasts such as in real ale/beer- these colonise the gut if in enough quantities


What To Do

  • Eat less bread, sweets & white pasta and drink less beer or wine. This reduces the intake of refined sugar and yeast
  • Replenish the bacteria by taking a probiotic tablet- these have more bacteria than the live yoghurts but these are still useful.
  • Prebiotic- take a course of these as they provide the fructoOligoSaccharides that the friendly bacteria need to multiply and survive.


It is about getting your body back in balance and this is a perfect time of year to do it as there are many more moulds and fungi stressing our immune systems now that the temperature is increasing but it is still damp and cold.


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