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Otitis Media with Effusion: a clinical presentation and chiropractic treatment

Thursday 30 January 2020

8 year old male patient presented late January 2020 with 1 year history of reduced hearing and feeling of liquid in his ear following a bout of tonsillitis, fever and ear ache late 2018 early 2019. Tonsillitis was treated with oral antibiotics. January 2020 he reported that his hearing in the right ear was still reduced, balance was affected from time to time and he had been prone to upper respiratory tract infections during the year. December 2019 he had been prescribed  two courses of amoxicillin as the first course failed to clear his upper respiratory infection and earache/ fullness in the ear.   


Otoscopic exam right ear- Grey tympanic membrane. No visible fluid. Dark ear wax present but not obstructing ear canal.

Otoscopic exam left ear- normal tympanic membrane.

Tonsils slightly enlarged bilaterally

Chiropractic examination was remarkable for left temporal restriction

C1 and C2 restriction on left


Differential Diagnosis

Otitis media with effusion secondary to cranial membrane distortion and cervical myofascial dysfunction.



Sacro Occipital Technique (a gentle chiropractic technique). Treatment was administered in the following sequence: cervical mobilisation, Ear Pull Technique, myofascial release of the eustacian tube and hyoid bone.



As I manipulated the patient's hyoid bone he commented that he could feel liquid running down his throat, then stated that his ear was no longer blocked and felt 'normal' again. At four day follow-up, he reported that his ears remained unblocked and his hearing was back to normal. His parents did however, report that the day after the treatment he felt sick and was off school with a temperature of 39.8 degrees and his stools appeared soft with mucous . This may have been coincidence or a result of purulent fluid from the ear entering the GI tract.

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