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MetaFucose Prebiotic

Key Features

  • Contains 2'-fucosyllactose (2'-FL)
  • 2'-FL is the most common oligosaccharide found in human milk
  • MetaFucose contains a biologically identical version produced by fermentation
  • 2'-FL is non-digestible and arrives in the colon intact, where it functions as a prebiotic
  • It may support a healthy level of bifidobacteria
  • It may help to increase SCFA (short chain fatty acid) levels within the colon
  • MetaFucose also contains the essential amino acid l-threonine
  • Supports a healthy gut barrier


What does 2'-FL do in the body? 

 2'-FL is non-digestible and arrives in the colon intact, where it has been clinically shown in both adults and infants to selectively improve the microbiota. 2’-FL encourages the growth of Bifidobacteria and may help to increase the level of SCFA (short chain fatty acids).

Studies suggest that 2'-FL may have a wide range of benefits including support for the immune system and maintenance of the gut barrier.

Why is l-threonine included? 

  • L-threonine is an essential amino acid.
  • It is an essential building block for the production of mucus, part of the body's defence system in the gut.
  • It is an important glycosylation site.

Why choose MetaFucose? 

 The 2'-FL in MetaFucose is a unique and new to the market supplement, and offers great potential to support a healthy microbiome. Easy dosing at 1-2 capsules a day.


To download the information sheet click here: MetaFucose_Prebiotic.pdf

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