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Pre and Post Natal Chiropractic Care for Mother and Baby

Chiropractic is a gentle non invasive treatment that does not rely on drugs, therefore, it is particularly well suited for the treatment of mothers and babies.  A mother’s experience during her pregnancy and post-partum should be positive and enjoyable, as should your baby’s introduction to the world.  At the Orchard Chiropractic Centre, we are trained in a variety of techniques tailored to the specific needs of mothers and babies.

Prior to giving birth, chiropractic treatment is recommended to ensure that your pelvis and its connective tissues (muscles and ligaments) are aligned. During the later stages of pregnancy the hormonal balance of your body changes causing the ligaments to relax in order to widen the pelvis ready for birth. The pelvis is particularly vulnerable to strain/ sprain injury during this stage and can become unstable. An unstable pelvis can cause twisting of the pelvic floor muscles which alters the shape of the birth canal making it more difficult to pass the baby’s head. 

Common symptoms of pelvic instability include lower back pain, pubic bone pain, labial pain and/or pain when sitting, bending, lifting and walking.

The birthing process is physically demanding for both mother and baby. Significant stress is placed on the mother’s pelvic structures therefore, it is recommended that a chiropractic assessment is also performed post-partum to identify and treat this common symptom of pregnancy.

The baby’s head, neck and shoulders are particularly vulnerable to the stresses exerted during the birthing process, whether natural, ventous, forceps or c-section. Conditions that adversely affect the baby during the birthing process are often collectively referred to as ‘birth trauma’. At the Orchard Chiropractic Centre we are skilled at identifying the signs of birth trauma, in particular cranial stress. Early identification and chiropractic treatment of birth trauma can quickly improve the baby’s general wellbeing and development, resulting in a more contented baby.

Whilst the signs and symptoms of birth trauma are numerous and dependent upon the underlying problem, conditions that are often key indicators include:

  • Baby will not settle and/or has difficulty sleeping
  • Hyper-extension when sleeping
  • Baby appears  bent to one side
  • Shoulders tense and pulled up
  • Baby has difficultly breast feeding on one side
  • Unwilling or unable to turn head to one side
  • Unexplained and uncontrollable crying
  • Torticollis
  • Difficulty swallowing or choking whilst feeding

Chiropractors are one of the few professionals trained to help relieve the effects of birth trauma using gentle non-invasive techniques.

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