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Homoeopathy was developed over 200 years ago and is widely used around the world.  The word Homoeopathy comes from the Greek “same as the suffering”.  It is a natural system of medicine based on the principle of treating like with like.  For example, someone having difficulty sleeping might be prescribed a medicine made from coffee (which would usually keep us awake). 

Ronan’s interest in well-being & natural health began at an early age, when in 1987, his mother took ownership of the flagship health shop in Belfast.  He started working there as a teenager and his passion developed further.  He completed various complimentary health courses, before embarking on 4 years of study and clinical practice at the Belfast School of Homeopathy, graduating in 2010.  Ronan says, “Homoeopathic healthcare has always been a major part of my life & I’m excited to promote it in Jersey”

“Homoeopathy is safe to use alongside conventional treatment and provides an ideal option for people who are looking for more holistic ways to enhance their well-being.”

Our Homeopath is Ronan Benson


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