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Elif Mossop Counsellor

Elif Mossop

Elif is a fully qualified counsellor trained in Person Centred Psychotherapy (Level 4 AQA). Further training includes Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Working with Trauma (Zoe Lodrick) and Counselling Children and Young People.

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My Story

In addition to her private practice, she volunteers at Jersey Action Against Rape, JAAR, offering counselling to survivors and their families. In her work, she follows the BACP Ethical Framework.


Prior to counselling, Elif worked internationally in corporate law for fifteen years, combining her multicultural sensitivity with a keen interest in developing the client process. She holds a Law Degree and a Master’s Degree in International Law (Notre Dame, USA).


At Orchard, Elif offers a safe and confidential space where you can work on any issue without being judged. By drawing on a range of therapeutic models, she works with her clients to move positively forward. She believes that “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” (Brené Brown). These changes lead to a better quality of life and liberation to reach your highest deserved potential, as well as a stronger Community.


Elif appreciates that true healing is mobilised by taking care of our Whole Person. Mental and emotional health represent only part of this Whole. Please explore the other modalities offered at Orchard to support you on your physical journey and find harmony at all levels.


I do my own bookings! Please contact me directly if you would like an appointment.

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